Wyandotte chicken breed is one of the prettiest and gorgeous types of the poultry world. They were started in the U.S. in the 1870’s. Wyandotte chickens are not an unadulterated breed. They were made of for the most part Sebrights and Cochins, specialists concur that Brahmas and Spangled Hamburgs were utilized as a part of making the breed. Wyandottes are double reason chicken breed and are great layers. They are exceptionally strong, beneficial feathered creatures and lay directly through the winter. They can endure low temperature and get by in the winter. Their striking and differentiating plumage make them a specific champion in the run.

Wyandotte chickens accompany diverse shading assortment. Be that as it may, the Silver Laced assortment is the most widely recognized and extremely prevalent assortment. Also, Silver Laced Wyandottes are the first assortment of the breed. Wyandottes for the most part have a white ring of quills around their neck. This chicken breed is tame and hens are dedicated moms.

Physical Appearance 

Wyandotte chickens are medium estimated winged creatures with very long clean legs and a rose brush. Their legs are yellow. The plumes of this chicken breed are expansive and freely fitting. The territory around the vent is extremely cushioned. Their feathering is regularly bound and constantly stylish. There are a sum of 17 known hues, including the most widely recognized silver bound, brilliant bound, buff, dark, partridge, silver penciled, lavender, blue bound, unadulterated white and so on. Their brush and wattles are profound and grand red. On a normal, a Wyandotte male weights around 8.5 lbs and a female weights around 6 lbs.


Wyandotte chicken is an exceptionally accommodating and delicate flying creature. Be that as it may, they have an inclination toward ruling different winged animals in the run and have solid identities. They want to unfenced and are great foragers. Wyandotte chickens are smidgen uproarious. Hens hatch eggs and are great moms. They are extremely fiery and it’s truly amusing to have some Wyandottes around.

Breed Profile
See details of Wyandotte chicken breed below.

Wyandotte Chicken | Breed Profile
Breed Name Wyandotte
Breed Purpose Dual Purpose
Breed Temperament Bears Confinement Well, Calm, Docile, Easily Handled, Friendly, Quiet
Breed Size Medium/Heavy (6-8 lbs)
Broodiness Yes (Frequent)
Comb Rose Comb
Climate Tolerance Cold (Hardy in Winter)
Egg Color Brown
Egg Size Large
Egg Productivity Medium (around 200 eggs per year)
Feathered Legs No (Clean Yellow Colored Legs)
Rarity Common
Varieties Silver laced, golden laced, buff, black, partridge, silver pencilled, lavender, blue laced, pure white etc.

The Good

  • Good egg layer
  • Friendly
  • Cold hardy
  • Easy to care
  • Great mother
  • Very beautiful
  • Amazing colorful feathers
  • Like to play around
  • Gentle
  • Good for dual purpose

The Bad

Wyandotte chickens are a bit noisy. Not everyone likes the sound of chickens. So, it can be a problem if you live in urban areas.

Is Wyandotte Good for You?

Yes, Wyandotte chickens are good for you if you…….

  • Want to raise dual purpose chicken breed.
  • Like birds with colorful and beautiful feathers.
  • Have some land and time to raise some chickens.
  • Want to produce some fresh eggs by your own.
  • Want to have fresh chicken meat.
  • Want to incubate eggs and take care of the chicks by your own chickens.
  • Love to have some chickens as pets.

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