Rhode Island Red chicken is an American double reason chicken breed which was created in Rhode Island and Massachusetts in the mid 1840s. Rhode Island Red chickens are great egg layers however can be raised for both meat and eggs generation. They are additionally great as show winged animal. This breed is among the most well known chicken breeds for lawn runs. They are exceedingly famous fundamentally for their solidness and egg laying capacities. Rhode Island Red chicken was from the Malay that it got it’s profound shading, solid constitution and generally hard quills.

The early rushes regularly had both rose and single brushed winged animals. The main Rhode Island Red chickens were initially reared in Adamsville (a town which is a piece of Little Compton, Rhode Island). A dark breasted red Malay cockerel which was foreign from England was one of the establishment sires of the Rhode Island Red chicken breed. As Rhode Island Red chickens have productive egg laying capacities, so they are utilized as a part of the making of numerous cutting edge cross breed breeds.


Rhode Island Red chickens are moderately strong and presumably they are the best egg layers among the double reason breeds. This breed is a decent decision for the little run proprietor. They keep delivering eggs even in poor lodging conditions than some other breeds and they can likewise deal with negligible weight control plans. Rhode Island Red is one of the breeds which has brilliant presentation qualities and great generation capacities in the meantime. They have rectangular, generally long bodies, normally dim red in shading. They have red-orange eyes, rosy dark colored mouths. What’s more, their feet and legs are yellow (regularly with a touch of rosy shading on the toes and sides of the shanks. Their skin is yellow hued. The winged creature’s quills are rust-hued, however darker shades are known, including maroon verging on dark. Rhode Island Red chicks are a light red to tan shading. On a normal, a male Rhode Island Red weights around 3.9kg and a female weights around 2.9kg.


Rhode Island Red chickens are dynamic, quiet and quiet. Once in a while, chickens can be somewhat forceful. This chicken breed is appropriate for both constrainment and unfenced framework.

Rhode Island Red Chicken | Breed Profile
Breed Name Rhode Island Red
Other Name RIR, Rhode Islands
Breed Purpose Dual Purpose
Breed Temperament Aggressive, Calm, Friendly, Curious, Noisy, Easily Handled
Breed Size Heavy (6.5-8.5 lbs)
Broodiness Seldom (not prone to broodiness)
Comb Large, Single or Rose Combs
Climate Tolerance All Climates (very robust)
Egg Color Brown
Egg Size Large
Egg Productivity Very Good (about 300 eggs/year)
Feathered Legs No
Rarity Common
Varieties Only Recognized in Red

The Good

  • Beautiful
  • Calm
  • Curious
  • Caring for other chicks
  • Prolific layers
  • Lay large eggs
  • Good foragers
  • Lay brown eggs
  • Sturdy birds
  • Mild temperament
  • Not flighty

The Bad

  • Roosters are little bit aggressive
  • Sometimes can be mean to other birds
  • Sometimes bossy
  • Sometimes very loud

Is Rhode Island Red Chicken Good For You?

Rhode Island Red Chickens are good for you if you…….

  • Want to raise highly egg producing chickens.
  • Want to produce larger brown eggs.
  • Want to utilize your kitchen wastes.
  • Are willing to raise some beautiful birds.
  • Are looking for proper chicken breeds which are good foragers.
  • Want to raise some hardy chickens which can survive in all climates.
  • Are looking for a dual purpose chicken breed which produce more eggs than meat.

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