Plymouth Rock chicken is a double reason breed appropriate for both meat and eggs creation. Plymouth Rock chicken began in the United States. This breed is otherwise called some other name, for example, Rocks or Barred Rocks. It accompanies an assortment of hues and the winged animals are frosty tough and an extraordinary breed for little homestead or for bringing up in lawn. The Plymouth Rock was produced in New England amidst the nineteenth century and was first displayed as a breed in 1849. The vast majority of the agriculturists raise them as a double reason breed and they are esteemed for both of their meat and egg laying capacity.

The primary Plymouth Rock chicken was banned and different assortments were created later. This breed is exceptionally prevalent in the United States and some different nations. Its primary reason fame is it’s qualities. Plymouth Rock chicken is a remarkable ranch breed which is prevalent for their strength, broodiness, accommodation and amazing creation of both meat and eggs. The greater part of the assortments of Plymouth Rock chicken were created from crosses containing a portion of an indistinguishable hereditary foundation from the banned assortment. Right on time in the advancement of this breed, the name Plymouth Rock suggested a banned winged creature. In any case, as more assortments were created, it turn into the disignation for the breed. Amid the 1920s, the Barred Plymouth Rock was one of the establishment breeds for the grill business. The Barred Plymouth Rock is likewise raised for hereditary mantle utilized broadly as a material in fake fly development.


Plymouth Rock chickens are tough, seemingly perpetual and bigger measured breed. A portion of the assortments of this breed are mostly raised for meat and a portion of the assortments are great layers. Plymouth Rock chickens have a modestly profound full bosom and they have a long wide back. Their legs and skin shading is yellow. No quills in their legs. The hens have a profound, full belly and it is an indication of good layer. Plymouth Rock chickens have cove hued eyes, their face is red with red ear projections and have a splendid yellow bill. They have single brush and the measure of the brush is direct. Their plumes are short and reasonably approximately held however not all that long as to effectively tangle. Like the infant chick’s plumes, Plymouth Rock chicken’s base quills are delicate and wool.

This chicken breed accompanies an assortment of hues. For example, banished, buff, blue, dark, columbian, partridge, silver penciled, white, light banned, dim banned and so on. On a normal, a develop male Plymouth Rock chicken weight up to 8 lbs and a hen weight around 7.5 lbs. Egg generation differ contingent upon the strains of the winged animal. Be that as it may, on a normal, hens lay around 4 eggs for every week.


Both Plymouth Rock chickens and hens are quiet and they will live joyfully with individuals and different creatures, for example, pets. They are accommodating and inviting in nature and more often than not do well notwithstanding when kept. Be that as it may, they will be more joyful on the off chance that they can meander openly on field or in a garden. Plymouth Rock hens will from time to time go broody in the correct condition and they are great moms.

Plymouth Rock | Breed Profile
Breed Name Plymouth Rock
Other Name Rocks, Barred Rocks
Breed Purpose Dual Purpose
Breed Temperament Bears Confinement Well, Calm, Docile, Easily Handled, Friendly
Breed Size Heavy (7-8 lbs)
Broodiness Seldom
Comb Single Comb
Climate Tolerance All Climates (very cold hardy)
Egg Color Light Brown
Egg Size Large
Egg Productivity Depends on the strains of the birds (on an average, about 4 eggs per week)
Feathered Legs No
Rarity Barred Rocks and White Rocks are common. All other varieties are rare.
Varieties Barred, buff, blue, black, columbian, partridge, silver penciled, white, light barred, dark barred etc.

The Good

  • Beautiful
  • Friendly
  • Hardy (very cold tolerant)
  • Good layer
  • Good for meat production
  • Do well confined
  • Protective (generally cautious of predators)
  • Curious
  • Great as pets
  • Hens seldom go broody and are good mothers

The Bad

  • Can be bullies sometimes
  • Some have trouble with very hot weather
  • Can be stubborn sometimes

Is Plymouth Rock Chicken Good For You?

Plymouth Rock chicken will be good for you if you…….

  • Want to raise dual purpose chickens for both meat and egg production.
  • Want to keep some cold hardy birds.
  • Want to raise some friendly and beautiful chickens as pets.
  • Are interested in large size chickens.
  • Want to produce light brown colored and large eggs.
  • Looking for fast growing chicken breeds.
  • Are willing to raise some beautiful birds in your backyard.
  • Have a small farm.
  • Have small children and want a friendly and docile breed.
  • Live somewhere with cold winters.

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